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Resources available to future parents and parents of young children

Cantonal resources

The doctor specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics (a gynaecologist or obstetrician) is the doctor providing care in relation to pregnancy, during the birth and post-partum. He or she oversees in particular the development of the pregnancy (scans, blood tests, palpation etc.), offers advice regarding a healthy lifestyle (diet, sport etc.) and offers psychological support.

The midwife is a professional expert in maternity. She or he plays an important role with women and couples throughout the period of maternity, particularly offering the opportunity for on-going monitoring from the beginning of the pregnancy, as well as delivery, and during the first months following the birth.

Website of the Swiss Federation of Midwives

Search for a midwife in your canton

The doctor specialising in paediatrics (a paediatrician) looks after your child’s health, from birth to the end of adolescence, and treats his or her illnesses, taking into account his or her family and social environment. He/she has a preventive role. In particular, he/she is there to inform and advise families.

Pre-natal classes in your canton


information on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding within the family

Pre-natal classes, Fribourg Hospital

French lessons for understanding pregnancy and birth in Switzerland


Pre-natal classes - Geneva Maternity Hospital

Pre-natal classes – Arcade Midwives

Pre-natal and parenting classes – Haute école de santé, Geneva

Jura: Pre-natal and parenting classes – Hôpital du Jura

Neuchâtel: Pre-natal classes – Neuchâtel Hospital Network


Pre-natal classes – Hôpital du Valais

Pre-natal classes – Valais Hospital (German)


Pre-natal and parenting classes – Vaud Hospital

Pre-natal classes – Clinique La Source

Pre-natal classes – Hôpital Riviera-Chablais

Birth support for migrant families, PanMilar Association

Tessin: Pre-natal classes

The aim of the sexual health centres in your canton is to inform, direct, support and accompany anyone, men, women and couples, regarding the various stages of their relationships and sexual and reproductive lives.

Fribourg: Fribourg sexual health center

Genève: Sexual health and family planning unit

JuraSexual health and family planning center


Sexual health and family planning center – La Chaux-de-Fonds

Sexual health and family planning center - Neuchâtel


Sexuality, information, prevention, education

SIPE Information and advice center

VaudPROFA Foundation

Tessin: Sexual Health consultations

Visits to nurses specialising in young children and other support associations relating to birth in your canton


Childcare and parental advice – Office familial (Sarine)

Childcare and parent-child consultations - Red Cross (countryside around Sarine, Broye, Gruyère)

Veveyse childcare and social health network

Glâne Puériculture health network (Route de l'Eglise 29,1681 Billens,026 652 98 54) ;

Advice to mothers and fathers in the Lake district (SEEBEZIRK) (Meylandstrasse 19, 3280 Murten FR, 026 670 72 72);

SPITEX Sense, Advice to mothers and fathers

Genève: Mother and child health consultations - imad

Jura: Childcare centre: parents and children 0-4 years

Neuchâtel: Consultations with nurses specialising in young children – Swiss Red Cross


Medical centres for consultations for parents and children 0-4 years

Mütter- und Väterberatung (0-4 Jahre) der Sozialmedizinischen Zentren


Medical and social health centres, services for young children

Birth support for migrant families, PanMilar Association


Assistance at home by a midwife
Assistance at home by maternity and pediatric consultant nurses
Agencies and associations providing post-natal assistance
Health, MIDWIVES – and advice

Services for families by the Red Cross and other organisations in your canton


Fribourg Red Cross – The services offered to families are: childcare at home, baby-sitting and parental and childcare consultations, as well as aid for migrant families. Supports families and all people concerned with bringing up children from 0 to 7 years.

Family Eudcation Association


Geneva Red Cross – Among the many activities on offer: baby-sitting, emergency childcare and aid for migrant people


Swiss Red Cross, Jura canton – For families offering in particular services such as home child care, home support for families, support for migrant families, “stand-in” grandparents and baby-sitting.


Neuchâtel Red Cross – Offers various services for families including parenting support, in particular home childcare, consultations with nurses specialising in young children, intensive family and parenting monitoring, women’s round-tables, contact network for mothers etc.


Valais Red Cross – Offers family aid services such as baby-sitting, childcare and aid for migrants services.

Le Berceau - Monthey – Structure welcoming parents and babies (up to 36 months) for group or individual listening help and advice


Vaud Red Cross – Offers in particular services such as looking after sick children, baby-sitting and parental aid.

Youth and Family Foundation – Support for children, young people and families going through difficult times, such as "Histoire de parents", support for active parental education

Address book for young children's services


Tessin Red Cross – Offers various support services for families, from baby-sitting to information, advice and courses.

Ticino for babies – List of baby-sitting and childcare offers

“Maisons vertes”, locations for meeting and chatting with parents and children aged from 0 to 5 years in your canton


La maison de la petite enfance in Fribourg

Espace de rencontres parents enfants in Villars-sur-Glâne

Espace famille in Bulle


Ecole des parents

Le Cerf-Volant

La maison en couleur

Espace famille Bernex

La récréation

L'espace parents-enfants - City of Geneva

Various places for exchange and play in the canton

Espace parents-enfants de l'amic

La marelle albanaise

Les créateliers- FASe

La maison de la créativité

Le jardin de la ferme

La petite découverte

Libellules- Vernier    

En bas de chez toi

Les vers à soi


La Puce Verte in Delémont

La Bulle Verte in Porrentruy


La Courte Echelle in Neuchâtel

La Trottinette in La Chaux-de-Fonds


La Maison-Soleil à Sierre

Haut comme 3 pommes à Sion

Le Haricot Magique à Martigny

L’envol in Monthey


All the addresses of the Maisons vertes in the canton of Vaud  here



Centri di socializzazione

Lista dei Preasili

Information and advice services for public day-care in your canton

Fribourg: Service de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (SEJ)

Genève: Bureau d’information petite enfance (BIPE)

Jura: Social Welfare Service - nurseries and services outside the family

Neuchâtel: Office des structures d’accueil extrafamilial et des institutions d’éducation spécialisée

Valais: Service cantonal de la jeunesse (SCJ)

Vaud: Fondation pour l’accueil de jour des enfants

Tessin: Sostegno alle famiglie / Ticinoperbambini (Ticino for babies)

Information and advice services for family activities and useful support addresses for parents in your canton

Fribourg: Bureau de promotion des enfants et des jeunes (BPEJ)


Jura: site jura trois lacs

Neuchâtel: Service de protection de l'adulte et de la jeunesse

Valais: Activities for families in the Valais region / Familienaktivitäten im Wallis


Jardin des parents

Carnets d’adresses petite enfance 

Prévention pour l’enfance et la jeunesse

Tessin: Ticinoperbambini (Ticino for babies) / Sportello famiglie

Advisory services for parents in difficulties in your canton

Fribourg: Service de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (SEJ) - Intake service 



Autorité de protection de l'enfant et de l'adulte (APEA) - République et Canton du Jura

Action éducative en milieu ouvert (AEMO)

Services sociaux régionaux, permanence-conseil en protection de l’enfance

Neuchâtel: Service de protection de l'adulte et de la jeunesse


Office pour la protection de l'enfant (OPE): support and educational advice for parents and children

Amt für Kindesschutz: support and education for parents and children 


Service de protection de la jeunesse

Offices régionaux de protection des mineurs 

Histoire de parents 

Tessin: Dipartimento della sanità e della socialità del Cantone Ticino, Ufficio dell’aiuto e della protezione

National or regional resources

For fathers and fathers-to-be:

Advice for parents from the Swiss Foundation Pro Juventute:

  • Telephone helpline for on-line advice day and night: Pro Juventute parental advice service
  • Daily support for parents bringing up children: Pro Juventute parental messaging service

For parents of other backgrounds

For young parents under 25: Young Parents Association

Various information for families in Switzerland: Family Guide by Pro Familia Suisse

Definitions references

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician: according to
Midwife:according to La fédération suisse des sages-femmes
Paediatrician: according to